Yale on iTunes U

In the summer of 2007, Yale University joined a group of leading academic institutions in launching its iTunes U portal. With over a thousand netcasts now being offered by Yale schools and affiliates, iTunes U extends the reach of Yale faculty, visitors, and performers by leveraging the ubiquity of one of the world�s most popular download platforms. 

The University�s participation in this groundbreaking project enables on-campus instructors to incorporate archived versions of important campus events and scholarly presentations into their curricula. Additionally, Yale on iTunes serves the University�s broad educational mission by making electronic learning materials publicly available at unprecedented levels. Several Yale netcasts have already been selected by the iTunes U community as noteworthy and featured on the iTunes U homepage. 

A companion portal called the Netcast Request Tool allows members of the Yale community to post netcasts and request production services for the creation of new materials. The Netcast Request Tool can be accessed at: http://netcast.yale.edu.

Yale on iTunes U is accessible either by visiting http://itunes.yale.edu, or by opening iTunes, clicking the link to iTunes U, and locating Yale on the list of participating institutions.