Programs in International Educational Resources (PIER) of the MacMillan Center draws upon Yale University’s extensive resources to develop and implement programs, services, and resources designed to advance understanding of international and world regional issues through outreach to education, business, media, and the public.


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Summer Institutes 2017


Africa and the World: Literature, Politics, and Global Geographies 
June 14-17, 2017

While Africa is often portrayed negatively in Western media outlets and makes an occasional appearance in countless social studies textbooks in U.S. schools, few K-12 and community college curricula demonstrate the aesthetic diversity and riches of the continent. African literatures broadly defined engages with questions of what it means to be framed as regional, national, “postcolonial”, or “world” in a globalized context. In collaboration with the African Literature Association (ALA), the institute will offer an intensive four-day program for K-12 and community college educators who are passionate about using creative literary works to explore Africa’s diverse social histories, politics, and cultural identities.


Human Rights in Africa and the Middle East: Recognition, Research and Response
July 10-13, 2017

As civil war and unrest rage in several countries spanning an area from Northern Nigeria to the Middle East, the world bears witness to a humanitarian crisis unparalleled since 1945. An estimated 65.3 million people have been forcibly displaced from their homelands, while over 100 million innocent civilians are on the brink of starvation (as estimated by the United Nations Refugee Agency and UN Food and Agriculture Organization, respectively). Though these crises call attention to the urgency in ensuring for basic human rights, it is becoming evident in our increasingly interconnected world, that the responsibility for the protection of all human rights extend far beyond the borders of these regions.